Film Portfolio

Unless otherwise noted, all films on this page were written, directed, executive produced, and edited by Allie J. Mills.   

Photos by Samedy Khun.

Imagine Me and You


Upon learning that her identical twin sister, Elaine, has terminal cancer, 80 year-old Mary hatches a plan to break them out of their retirement home and takes them on an adventure they will never forget.
-Official Selection- Silver Springs International Film Festival - 2016
Starring: Katherine McKalip, Steve Voldseth, Reid Cox,

Carrie Gibson

Director of Photography: Alexa Caravia
Edited By: Julien Lormant
Filmed on Location in Los Angeles. 2013.
Nike- "Find Your Greatness"
This is a spec commercial that was filmed for a class at NYU for Nike's "Find Your Greatness Campaign."
Starring: Lotta Andreassen
Voice Over: Annalise Leonelli
Director of Photography: Jean Lee
Filmed on Location in Singapore. 2013.


The Reunion


A retired Pan Am pilot goes to a company reunion only to discover that he has outlived most of his old colleagues. 


Starring: Ken Wade, Francesca Waters, Scott Dean

Director of Photography: Erica Liu


- Official Selection - Palm Beach International Film Festival - 2013


Filmed on location in Singapore. 2013.

Concrete Jungle


Members of one of Singapore's only animal rescue organizations, ACRES, traverse the densely populated country in an effort to rescue pythons stranded during monsoon season. Documentary.


Director of Photography: Allie J. Mills



Filmed on location in Singapore. 2011.


Romancing the Stone



A living statue performer unsuccessfully tries to entertain his audience and ultimately finds love in an unexpected place.


Director of Photography: Rosie Haber



Filmed on location in Singapore. 2010.




A young pickpocket targets an unsuspecting tourist and is given a lesson in her own game.


Directed by: Christopher Michael Beer

Executive Producer, Director of Photography:

Allie J. Mills



Filmed on location in Prague, Czech Republic. 2008.